Michiana Bernedoodles

All pictures of puppies and dogs on this website have been raised at Michiana Kennels

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The most important way to care for your dog is by Spaying or Neutering it. The procedure will not only help control the pet population but also protect them from many health conditions that are caused due unwanted pregnancies, including pyometra (an infection in females). By removing breasts there isn’t any risk associated with OVX […]

Best Bernedoodle Dog Breed Guide 2022

Mini Bernedoodle Dog Breed Guide 2022 The Bernedoodle is a breed belonging to this day of popular Designer Dogs, which are dominated by breeds such as Pomskies and Yorkie Poos. The fantastic number of designer dog types have a hard time beating the Doodles: crossbreeds between the poodle family members! Somewhere among all those doodle-dogs […]