Hi Willis!
Just a quick update on Maggie she is doing great. She’s just about the most adorable puppy you could ask for. She’s up to 29 lbs, still way way smaller then her big brother Finn.
The breed is definitely a very smart one and she loves pretty much all people and wants to be loved and given attention from just about anyone she comes into contact with. We were able to teach her to ring a bell to go outside within 3 weeks of getting her from you and pretty much have been accident free ever since. She easily learned to come, sit, shake, leave it and lay.. We all love her very much’ And if you turn your head away for a minute while making bacon she’ll jump up and and try to steal a piece of raw bacon right off the counter….grrrrrrr….. This is all very normal puppy behavior.
I would definitely recommend Michiana Kennels and I have in fact several times already when people have met her and of course thought she was the cutest dog they have ever seen. It was an easy process to purchase her and any questions/concerns we had were well addressed. The breed is a great one. She really is a great dog and we are very happy to have her in our lives. We’ve had no issues with her fur matting at all even though I’ll be honest we probably only brush her once every 2 weeks. It’s just a beautiful, super soft fur that is really maintenance free between grooming sessions. And last but not least – ZERO SHEDDING!
Take care,