Hello Willis,
Waffles is doing very well and has brought double the joy to our little family. He is the sweetest boy! He is always excited to see us come home from work. He’s currently in puppy training and is picking up commands very fast. He’s done so well getting along with our older goldendoodle, he knows exactly when to give her space. We think she’s learned from him as much as he’s learned from her. He loves playing on freshly fallen snow and loves doing zoomies in the yard. It’s surprising to see how calm he can be for his age. He loves to cuddle and is always tailing us around the house.

Although we were warned he will shed some since he’s an F1 doodle, with consistent brushing we haven’t really seen much dog hair on our clothes. Speaking of grooming, he’s been very good about letting us cut his toenails, brushing his teeth, and trimming the fur between his paw pads.

I would recommend Michiana Kennels. They were very accommodating in working with us on transporting Waffles all the way to Alaska! Also, They were very transparent and disclosed possible issues early on about (Waffles having a bit if an underbite, which was not a problem at all to us). Thank you again so much for the wonderful pup!