What Past Customers Have To Say

Hello Willis.

Frank is doing very well! We just love him to bits.

I like how obedient our mini bernedoodle is. He is very focused at training class and loves to make everyone happy. He is never angry or aggressive to people or other animals. We have a pet bunny and they get along very well. He was house trained very young as well. I believe he only ever had a handful of accidents. He is very intelligent.

He fits in so well with our family. He is always happy and ready to snuggle with us. He bonded with all 4 of us and is a loyal companion. He loves kids and is very playful. He loves to nap!

people often don’t believe he’s just over one year old. He is very calm for his age.
He is also very laid back. He can be active if you require that of him but he’s also very happy to just relax all day.
He’s not fond of the water and often just puts his paws in. He loves to play in the snow and enjoys cold temperatures.

I would highly recommend Michiana Kennels. They are quality breeders and take good care of their dogs. They were very professional, kept in touch through the early weeks by sending photos, as well as through the selection process.