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Are Mini Bernedoodles For You? Here’s What You Need To Know

Designerbreed dogs have become pretty popular and a lot of people are looking for unique Designerbreeds that have desirable traits from both parents – mini Bernedoodles are no exception. These adorable dogs are small, friendly, hypoallergenic, and have been adopted by tons of people that have fallen in love with this small dog.

But mini Bernedoodles aren’t for everyone. That is why there are a few things you need to know before you go ahead and adopt one.

They Have Minimal Shedding

Mini Bernedoodles for sale in Illinois have beautiful coats that are thick, tightly curled, after grooming, and become longer and wavy as it grows longer and since these dogs are usually bred for cold areas, if you plan on adopting one in a warmer area they may require more grooming. No matter what type of coat they have these puppies require regular grooming, baths, trimming, and such and you need to be able to maintain and upkeep their beautiful coat. If you’re able to maintain this puppy then it’s definitely for you.

They Have Plenty Of Energy With Great Personalities

Understand that a Designerbreed dog comes with both characteristics of the purebred parents and in this case, your puppy will come with the traits of a mini Poodle, which are smart, playful, and friendly, very family-friendly, and the loyalty and of a Bernese Mountain Dog. This makes them excellent around children, loyal watchdogs, and superb therapy dogs, however, they are very smart and catch on rather quickly through consistent training.

You Need To Groom Them Consistently

Bernedoodle puppies for sale Chicago require grooming, more than regular dogs. These dogs have long wavey hair and can become matted and be uncomfortable for your dog if not brushed and maintained regularly.

The Bottom Line

Bernedoodles make excellent pets and are a great addition to your family, just keep in mind that they love to go on walks, play in the back yard, and be exercised. Play with them and groom them and they will be your best friend. If you can manage all this then you are ready to adopt and take home a very lovable and cuddly puppy as your own.

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