Michiana Bernedoodles

All pictures of puppies and dogs on this website have been raised at Michiana Kennels


Dear Willis,

We love the mini Bernedoodle breed. Our puppy is so affectionate and loves each member of our family. She has bonded with all 5 of us and spends her time wanting to be wherever we are, when she is not playing with our other dog. We have been training her through a puppy training program which has taught us a lot about her. She is so smart and eager to do whatever is asked of her. She loves going for walks and has learned quickly how to politely walk on a leash. She was easy to crate train which has also help with housebreaking. She is always happy to meet new people. We enjoy having her as part of our family.

Michiana Kennels was great to work with. They were very accommodating with my schedule to pick up our puppy. They met me at the airport so our puppy could fly home with me. They made the process as easy as possible and delivered a healthy puppy to us.

Thank you so much, Michelle

Hi Willis,

Just wanted to let you know that Benny has acclimated perfectly into our family. He completed 3 weeks of training with the newest Butler mascot, Blue IV, and his trainers said he is one of their favorites as he is very willing to please. He receives so many compliments on his coloring and demeanor and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our family. We know how much you cared for him and hope you know he’s so very loved.

The McGoff’s

Hello Willis.

Frank is doing very well! We just love him to bits.

I like how obedient our mini bernedoodle is. He is very focused at training class and loves to make everyone happy. He is never angry or aggressive to people or other animals. We have a pet bunny and they get along very well. He was house trained very young as well. I believe he only ever had a handful of accidents. He is very intelligent.

He fits in so well with our family. He is always happy and ready to snuggle with us. He bonded with all 4 of us and is a loyal companion. He loves kids and is very playful. He loves to nap!

people often don’t believe he’s just over one year old. He is very calm for his age.
He is also very laid back. He can be active if you require that of him but he’s also very happy to just relax all day.
He’s not fond of the water and often just puts his paws in. He loves to play in the snow and enjoys cold temperatures.

I would highly recommend Michiana Kennels. They are quality breeders and take good care of their dogs. They were very professional, kept in touch through the early weeks by sending photos, as well as through the selection process.


Hi Willis:

Rocky our Bernedoodle is now just a little over one year now. He is maturing quite nicely. He is smart, overall, he is a very good animal and a very good house pet and companion. He is very good with our grandkids, especially our 4 year old grand daughter. She seems to have a special touch with him and he listens to her commands. We are very happy with his size, he seems to have topped out right at 40 lbs. This is a perfect size dog for us. He is crate trained and still sleeps in his crate at night….he loves it. He is very healthy and athletic. We have trained him to walk briskly on our treadmill, so he gets his exercise even when the weather is not good outside. He definitely needs to have exercise! He has tons of pent up energy. He is very good traveling in the car. Just last week we went on a 5 hour round trip and he did great in the back seat. Of course we stopped a couple of times to let him out. When we walk him on the trail, he gets a lot of compliments on his looks from other trail walkers. He is a very good looking dog.
Thanks again for holding our hand through the whole process and making the adoption process an easy transition.

Take care, Dan

Hi Willis!
Just a quick update on Maggie she is doing great. She’s just about the most adorable puppy you could ask for. She’s up to 29 lbs, still way way smaller then her big brother Finn.
The breed is definitely a very smart one and she loves pretty much all people and wants to be loved and given attention from just about anyone she comes into contact with. We were able to teach her to ring a bell to go outside within 3 weeks of getting her from you and pretty much have been accident free ever since. She easily learned to come, sit, shake, leave it and lay.. We all love her very much’ And if you turn your head away for a minute while making bacon she’ll jump up and and try to steal a piece of raw bacon right off the counter….grrrrrrr….. This is all very normal puppy behavior.
I would definitely recommend Michiana Kennels and I have in fact several times already when people have met her and of course thought she was the cutest dog they have ever seen. It was an easy process to purchase her and any questions/concerns we had were well addressed. The breed is a great one. She really is a great dog and we are very happy to have her in our lives. We’ve had no issues with her fur matting at all even though I’ll be honest we probably only brush her once every 2 weeks. It’s just a beautiful, super soft fur that is really maintenance free between grooming sessions. And last but not least – ZERO SHEDDING!

Take care,


Hi Willis,

Just letting you know that we love our mini bernedoodle. He is very
intelligent and caring. We also enjoy the minimal shedding!

Ripley fits right in with the family. He made himself at home and fit in right away.
He loves to play! He will also do just about anything for a treat.

It was a pleasure doing business with Michiana Kennels. Willis was very responsive and professional. Very smooth transaction from start to finish.

Thanks again for everything!!


Hello Willis,
Waffles is doing very well and has brought double the joy to our little family. He is the sweetest boy! He is always excited to see us come home from work. He’s currently in puppy training and is picking up commands very fast. He’s done so well getting along with our older goldendoodle, he knows exactly when to give her space. We think she’s learned from him as much as he’s learned from her. He loves playing on freshly fallen snow and loves doing zoomies in the yard. It’s surprising to see how calm he can be for his age. He loves to cuddle and is always tailing us around the house.

Although we were warned he will shed some since he’s an F1 doodle, with consistent brushing we haven’t really seen much dog hair on our clothes. Speaking of grooming, he’s been very good about letting us cut his toenails, brushing his teeth, and trimming the fur between his paw pads.

I would recommend Michiana Kennels. They were very accommodating in working with us on transporting Waffles all the way to Alaska! Also, They were very transparent and disclosed possible issues early on about (Waffles having a bit if an underbite, which was not a problem at all to us). Thank you again so much for the wonderful pup!


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