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Best Bernedoodle Dog Breed Guide 2022

Mini Bernedoodle Dog Breed Guide 2022

The Bernedoodle is a breed belonging to this day of popular Designer Dogs, which are dominated by breeds such as Pomskies and Yorkie Poos. The fantastic number of designer dog types have a hard time beating the Doodles: crossbreeds between the poodle family members! Somewhere among all those doodle-dogs on the list. The Bernedoodle just reaches its paws up high enough so that we see them shaking hands with the popularity poll winner once again.


What Actually is a Bernedoodle?

The Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. The Bernese Poodle mix may be the ultimate family-friendly breed, with their goofy yet lovable and loyal personality traits. They are always happy to meet new people and get along well even if you have different lifestyles from them! They also get along good with other dog breeds.

The Bernese-Poodle mix is a ton of fun, full of love and goofy charm. It’s guaranteed to bring endless joy into your life whether you’re single or have a family, they love children.

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5 Interesting Facts About the Bernedoodle

  1. People with allergies will be happy to know that the  Bernedoodle pup’s coat has very minimal shedding, This will also make your life easier in general because who doesn’t want their home and family free from excessive shedding?
  2. Bernedoodle dogs tend to have less congenital health problems than some other breeds. However, it is still very important to purchase from a breeder that maintains healthy genetics. Which will enhance the life and comfort of your Mini Bernedoodle.
  3. Michiana Bernedoodles is the home to some of the most adorable Mini Bernedoodles.  Since we started breeding the bernedoodle, It has been challenging for other breeds to keep up with how much cuteness these little guys bring into the home.
  4. Mini Bernedoodles are the perfect pets for anyone who wants a furry friend that will snuggle up with them on their lap.
  5. These little dogs have great personalities and are easy learners, however, they need to be socialized from a young age.


Colors in Bernedoodle

The most popular coloration for a Bernedoodle is that which resembles the appearance of the traditional Bernese Mountain Dog, specifically those with black coats, tan points, and white stripe in the face.  The blue merle tri color is quite rare but very attractive as well.

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