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All pictures of puppies and dogs on this website have been raised at Michiana Kennels

Our breeding process

Our breeding process: what sets us apart:

All of us at MICHIANA BERNEDOODLES take our breeding program very seriously. It is not just a hobby for us. But a passion. We work diligently to produce the best possible puppies by pairing dogs with complementary temperaments and health profiles. Our extensive bloodline research and selective breeding practices ensure that our puppies are healthy and have excellent temperaments. We are confident in the quality of our puppies, and we stand behind them 100%. If you are looking for a quality puppy, then MICHIANA BERNEDOODLES can help as we are looking for quality homes to place our puppies as well.

1. What is our breeding process and how does it set us apart from other kennels/breeders:

The first thing that makes us different from other kennels/breeders is our breeding process. We have a great concern in helping to preserve and improve the breed of the bernedoodle puppies michigan. Which is the one and only breed we specialize in. Our female dogs are properly socialized throughout their lives and get to spend time running loose around the home and playing their roll in security for the home. Ensuring they can be happy both inside AND outside of a home environment before pairing them up together as potential parents for future generations!

2. Our focus on genetic diversity and why it’s important for the future of the breed:

Our puppies come with a 1 yr. genetic health guarantee. Miniature sizes approx. 30 to 40 pounds. We are a small family based breeder and We take it very seriously. When it comes to the quality and health of our dogs. with over 30 yrs. of breeding experience and dedication. We have raised champions and have been blessed with the opportunity of winning a World Championship. Where quality Matters; We are located in Northern Indiana. By crossing the Bernese with the Poodle, it creates a healthier, happier dog with the desired hybrid vigor that greatly decreases the chances of them inheriting “breed related” health issues. However we have been breeding purebred Bernese mountain dogs for many years.

We take it very seriously. When it comes to health and longevity of life. We breed for longevity of life. Healthy hips and elbows. We have been very fortunate when it comes to hips and elbows which is a result of our OFA exrays & DNA testing. We have not experienced any hip or elbow issues with-in our line of dogs to date. Our dogs have also been cancer free. We now have five generations of dogs that we have precisely bred. Average life span for a Bernese Mountain dog is 7 to 9 years of age. However our Bernese Mountain Dogs are enjoying life spans from 10 to 13 years of age on average. The average lifespan expectancy of a Bernedoodle is 12-16 yrs.
Customers are welcome to pick up at our facillity. We also have delivery available through flight nanny or ground delivery.

3. Why choosing a responsible breeder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when getting a dog:

When you adopt a dog from. Your local shelter or a none responsible breeder. it’s hard to know. What kind of environment they were raised in or what their genetic health background is. The breeder should be someone that cares about their dogs’ welfare and comfort level- which means clean facilities with plenty of space for them to exercise in!
Choosing a breeder that has raised their own breeding stock for generations through a strategic breeding program brings assurance. When choosing the right puppy. To become a part of your family.

4. Our breeding program is based on scientific principles:

The breeding process is a difficult and delicate one that requires patience to perfect. As such, our team only works with the most qualified breeders. When looking to add new. Bloodlines to our kennel. In order for us not to compromise on quality of bloodline and performance traits like intelligence or trainability
Our goal is to raise a healthy puppy that may live a long and happy life.

5. We breed for happy healthy puppies with good genetics:

It is a peace of mind to know that the parents & ancestors of our puppies have not had any health or genetic defects for generations.

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