Hi Willis:

Rocky our Bernedoodle is now just a little over one year now. He is maturing quite nicely. He is smart, overall, he is a very good animal and a very good house pet and companion. He is very good with our grandkids, especially our 4 year old grand daughter. She seems to have a special touch with him and he listens to her commands. We are very happy with his size, he seems to have topped out right at 40 lbs. This is a perfect size dog for us. He is crate trained and still sleeps in his crate at night….he loves it. He is very healthy and athletic. We have trained him to walk briskly on our treadmill, so he gets his exercise even when the weather is not good outside. He definitely needs to have exercise! He has tons of pent up energy. He is very good traveling in the car. Just last week we went on a 5 hour round trip and he did great in the back seat. Of course we stopped a couple of times to let him out. When we walk him on the trail, he gets a lot of compliments on his looks from other trail walkers. He is a very good looking dog.
Thanks again for holding our hand through the whole process and making the adoption process an easy transition.

Take care, Dan